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Easily manage cross organisation team support for compliance, risk management, e-learning and asset control on one fully supported cloud platform

What is AuditRecordit?

It’s an easy to use, fully supported, cloud based software platform managing all your organisational compliance, risk, surveys, and e-learning. Our clients range in size from 5 through to 3,000 person.

Proven effective in  facilitating a range of health and safety tasks, such as Accident and Incident Recording, Driver Auditing, and Staff Training. It further offers Cyber Security Awareness training, Intra Organisation Surveys, Vehicle Inspections, and has numerous other applications we would be happy to discuss with you.

AuditRecordit promotes progressing workflows through to completion via ongoing reminders, prompts and alerts directed at relevant individuals. Finally, providing automated reporting to ensure full accountability and cost effective outcomes.

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Managing Health and Safety Records, Employee Engagement Surveys, Road Risk, Vehicle Inspections, Cyber Security Awareness, to name but a few.

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AR supported versatility means you can use a range of AR templates to fulfil multiple requirements across the entire organisation

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The ability to ensure clear lines of responsibility and automated prompts amplify the impacts of the AuditRecordit platform.

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